Paul Sheldon Foote

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Iran: The Nuclear Threat—Fox News Channel War Lies

Professor Paul Sheldon Foote

California State University, Fullerton

On Sunday, April 24, 2005, the Fox News Channel showed “Iran: The Nuclear Threat”. As the neoconservative (neo-Trotskyite) television news channel, this was an opportunity to count the number of intentional errors and omissions. With Chris Wallace as the host and the background music you would expect for war movies, the neoconservatives (neo-Trotskyites) did not disappoint viewers looking for the MEK (MKO or Rajavi cult) line. The producers even went to Paris, France to interview an MEK spokesperson.

The Fox News Channel has a history of interviewing MEK members and supporters, but not identifying them as MEK members. Instead, viewers hear National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) or terms suggesting that the MEK is pro-democracy. After President Bush’s administration closed the MEK’s NCRI office in Washington, D.C., the Fox News Channel employed its Alireza Jafarzadeh as an analyst.

“Death to America”

The Fox News Channel showed scenes of large numbers of Iranians in the streets chanting “Death to America.” Fox failed to mention that from 1979 to 1981 those large crowds included a large percentage of MEK (Marxist terrorist) supporters. The truth is that most Iranians wanted an end to foreign manipulation and interference in their country. Both the supporters of the MEK and of Ayatollah Khomeini were chanting “Death to America”. In 1981, the MEK was capable of bringing 500,000 supporters to the streets of Tehran to demonstrate because of its reputation for being anti-imperialist. By anti-imperialist, the MEK meant anti-American.

American Hostages

Fox showed some of the American hostages taken at the American Embassy and held for 444 days. Again, the hostage takers consisted of both of MEK and of Khomeini supporters.

Killing Women

Fox showed a scene of Iranians stoning a woman for adultery. Fox failed to show MEK women burning themselves to death in front of cameras in Paris and elsewhere during June 2003 protests over the French arrest of Maryam Rajavi. Fox failed to show any scenes of women and men being brainwashed, humiliated, and threatened by leaders of the Rajavi cult.

Fortunately, the truth is coming out. As more MEK cult members escape or defect, they are telling their stories. You may read complete books on the Marxist cult indoctrination process, such as:

Anne Singleton’s Saddam’s Private Army

You may order Anne’s book from:

Masoud Banisadr’s Masoud

Masoud’s book is available from many sources online, including

For news of other MEK members who have escaped or have defected, check these Web sites:

Iran Didban posts information in four languages: English, Persian (Farsi), Arabic, and French.

Killing Americans

Fox showed scenes in Beirut, Saudi Arabia, and at an American naval vessel where many Americans died. Fox blamed terrorist organizations financed by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Even if this is correct, Fox failed to mention that a major reason for its large number of followers in the 1970’s was the fact that the MEK was the organization killing Americans in Iran. The MEK built its anti-imperialist credibility in Iran by murdering American military officers and Rockwell International employees. The Fox News Channel producers were in the Paris headquarters of the Marxist terrorists who gained large numbers by murdering Americans. While the supporters of Ayatollah Khomeini were only claiming to be anti-imperialist, the MEK were murdering Americans. Today, Iranians know better. No one can accuse the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran with being cozy with the American government. By contrast, the MEK contributed to the political campaigns of many American Congress members and have maintained a political headquarters in France and military camps in Iraq.

Iranian Pro-Democracy Groups

The Fox News Channel mentioned the possibility of helping an Iranian pro-democracy group come to power. They showed a scene of Iranians with a large poster of Maryam Rajavi, of the MEK. Fox failed to mention that the MEK has been on the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations since the administration of President Bill Clinton. Fox failed to mention that this is a Marxist totalitarian cult. While the neoconservatives (neo-Trotskyites) appear in large numbers on the Fox News Channel claiming to promote democracy around the world, the fact is that the neoconservatives (neo-Trotskyites) support a Marxist terrorist cult. The Fox News Channel failed to mention which groups in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq were responsible for filling the mass graves with Shiites and Kurds. The Fox News Channel failed to mention that the indoctrination techniques of the MEK are reminiscent of those of Pol Pot. Pol Pot was able to murder only 25% of the population of Cambodia before another Communist government, Vietnam, stopped him. Which Communist government will come to the rescue of Iran if the neoconservatives (neo-Trotskyites) impose the Rajavi cult on Iran?

Nuclear Power Plants in Iran

Fox mentioned that Germany was responsible for building the Bushehr nuclear reactor. Fox failed to mention that American companies have been active in Iran and elsewhere proposing that countries use American companies to build nuclear power plants. Fox failed to mention that the construction of the Bushehr nuclear reactor started when the Shah of Iran was in power. Even though the work was 85% finished on the Bushehr power plant, Aytollah Khomeini halted work on the project because Khomeini considered nuclear power plants to be “anti-Islamic”.
Fox failed to show a map of the world showing how many other countries have nuclear power plants already. For example, how many nuclear power plants are in Saudi Arabia today? What will oil-rich countries do for energy sources when the oil is gone?


Fox stressed in the program that the Islamic Republic of Iran was lying about its intentions to build nuclear weapons. While that might be true, the leaders in Iran must try much harder to match these liars: the MEK (MKO or Rajavi cult), neoconservatives, and the “fair and balanced” Fox News Channel.


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